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House Sitting

When you leave your second home, do you worry?

… Our clients don’t – they have Perfect Neighbors!

We take care of the stress of looking after your home when you travel.

We’ll visit your home on a weekly or two-weekly cycle and do a full and detailed  90 point check and then report back to you and let you know how your home is doing without you.

From checking faucets and air conditioning to reporting on utility meter readings you will know where you are with your Florida home even if you are on the other side of the world.

Think you left a light on when you left? Our Post-Departure check is a standard part of our service and we’ll take care of anything you may not have done, from an open window to wet washing in the machine. We’ll even take care of the trash.

Should a storm be approaching we will bring in your lanai furniture and arrange for your shutters to be put up as well as remove any yard signs that could potentially become missiles.  As soon as the storm is over and its safe we go in and do a thorough check and report any damage.  WE are on hand to oversee any  temporary repairs that may need to be done until you can arrive, should that be necessary

Before you return, we’ll make sure that your house is set up so it’s like you never even left with our Pre-Arrival check. We can even stock the fridge and make up the beds.

We offer many other services to help manage your Florida home.

Call (941) 350-1392 to arrange an initial consultation or fill in the contact us form and we will get right back to you.